terça-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2009

Words of Peace - Disable People

Words of Peace participated on International Meeting of Technology and Innovation for People with special needs promoted by Sao Paulo State Government.

The objective is to promote the inclusion of many disable people that have restrictions in their lives with support of technology and other innovative ways as Words of Peace.

December, 08 - 10th
WTC Sheraton – Avenida das Nações Unidas, 12.551 – Brooklin Novo – SP.

Info: http://www.simparatodos.com.br/

Pictures of poster of Words of Peace support, voluntaries and material for distribution.

domingo, 1 de novembro de 2009

LAS VEGAS - Meeting in Sao Pulo

Sunday, sun was shining during a long Holiday in São Paulo.
Outside two Sao Paulo Soccer teams were playing.
Inside the room, almost 20 people enjoying Las Vegas transmition with translation to Portuguese.
After two hours, people were not the same
Thank you!

quarta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2009

FIESP Exhibition in 2010

Palavras de Paz was already invited to participate in FIESP event in 2010.

sábado, 29 de agosto de 2009

Words of Peace at FIESP event report.

Final report on the Socio-environmental Responsibility FIESP Exhibition – 2009 (August 25 to 27)


The event happened at the main building of FIESP at 1313, Paulista Avenue, Sao Paulo. It is located in the main business urban area of Brazil. Every day passes in front of this building more than 3 million people.

FIESP congregates more than 42% of Brazilian GNP, and it has a very strong political influence in Brazil. The Event was also realized in 2007 and 2008. Last year the Event attracted 8 000 attendants. This year, FIESP estimates to receive more participants


This exhibition consisted of 20 exhibitions booths, 5 conference halls and a stage for shows with external view open to the public in the street. Words of Peace was in 7th booth with high visibility, in the only way to access the event.

Words of Peace Participation

Words of Peace was present on this event with a special booth, aiming to promote TV Show and to approach potential sponsors.

At the booth, a team attended the visitors exhibiting the TV Show, and providing information with proper material.
You see in the picture, visiting Words of Peace booth, the Green Party National President, Mr. Penna.

In the stage of Paulista Ave., Words of Peace music and dance was performed during the lunch time.

SAM support

This Sponsorship plan was develop since last November 2008.
With SAM support, after April the Sponsorship plan was introduced to Pwks in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and Porto Alegre.
Also with SAM support, FIESP was done by 15 participants, including 5 new collaborators, from which 3 of them never did any service before.


Some comments about Words of Peace participation:- Propagation of Peace Message was done.- We got high visibility on Words of Peace media effort in Brazil. Now, Words of Peace is covering approximately 88 cities in 14 states, 2 times per week at least.- Words of Peace approached authorities, executives, entrepreneurs, and community leaders.- New opportunities of propagation with other association and institutes was opened.- The presence of Words of Peace in this prestigious event, reinforced the high level of the TV Show contents and its contribution to the Peace Culture in Brazil- The participation in this event opened the possibility to participate in other prestigious FIESP events.
The opening solemnity was in the morning on August 25th at the main auditorium theatre by national authorities and it was seen by very qualified audience.

Monica Serra, first lady of State of Sao Paulo; Paulo Skaf, Fiesp's President; Eliane Belfort, Fiesp's Director, responsible for the event

Elenice Bittencourt
Laércio Barboza
Silvana Divenere
Jose Sanches
Carlos Conceição
Carmine Santangelo
Maria Cristina Godoy
Zilmara Santos
Fátima Caetano
Fernando Mendes
Conceição Souza
Maria Ivete Mironic
Milton Mironic
Maria Dalva
Barbara Arena
Ezequiel Berlin
Zully Berlin
Solange Arruda
Cristian Abba
Jorge Pena
Ivete Belfort
Andre Lopes